Melville whaling years, traditional representations, white whales in ancient cultures (from Mitg and Queeneesh to japanese twins, indonesian supervisors, new - zealander protectors, all of them benevolent...). 

Wampanoag culture and its incidence : Moshup, King Philipp's war as "ghost conflict" in Salem, 1830 years and the Old Stormalong's "compromise", Tashtego as both the last member of luciferian / faustian humanity and the "John Baptist" of Ismael ... Amos Smalley and the "tardive Moby Dick"July 1902, honored by John Huston in 1956. VIDEO TO COME

Mocha Dick in literature (1839) and in action (1840 and following years), Sarah Morewood and the Greylock, Ann Alexander...

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